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Accepting New Orders on April 15th

It's time again  ^_^  I'll be accepting new orders on Sunday, April 15th, at 8 AM PST. I am in California, so you may need to adjust for time zone differences. Please start sending over commission requests as soon as possible since I can't get on the computer every day.

This date will have a potential construction time of 4-10 weeks since I'm moving this month. I'm hoping it won't have that large of an impact on how much I get to work, but I'd rather overestimate just in case since I keep hitting unexpected roadblocks that are keeping me from working more often than I'd expect (family illness, teething, etc.). During the move I won't have access to my photo studio, so I likely won't be posting any new designs until it gets set up (besides those from the studio shoot next week). I'll have another update about new designs soon, so keep an eye out for those!