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Accepting New Orders on March 3rd

I'm nervous but excited  to announce that I'll be taking orders on the new site for the first time! I'll be taking orders on Saturday. March 3rd, at 7AM PST. I'm in California, so you may need to adjust to time zone differences. Please make sure you send any commission requests ASAP since I'm not able to get on the computer every day.

For you guys, the ordering process shouldn't change much at all. Like usual, you'll want to be on the site a few minutes before the actual opening time and then start refreshing the page as it gets close. The cart button is near the top instead of the bottom like the last site, so keep that in mind while you're waiting for the store to open. If you're ordering a skirt or kimono dress, you will not be able to checkout without your measurements, so have them ready to be pasted in so that you don't miss out on securing a spot. If you don't have your measurements yet, just write that you'l be sending them later in the text box so the store will let you add the item to your cart. 

You'll also be able to add petticoats and Reinforced Obi Belts directly from the kimono dress listing, so no more having to scramble and add those at the last second. I hope that helps speed up checkout and alleviates the stress of possibly not checking out in time.

Accounts did not transfer from the old site, so I recommend making one ahead of time to facilitate the checkout process. I also encourage everyone to read the store's FAQ page since it has lots of good information on customization, sizing, and skirt lengths. It hasn't changed much from the last FAQ, but I still find myself devoting a lot of time to answering a lot of questions that already have written answers  (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

Be aware that there might be some hiccups since this will be my first time utilizing the new system, but overall I'm hoping it will go smoothly. See you on Saturday  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

How to Order

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