Harlequin Cutie Pinup Skirt

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This extra-full skirt uses a vibrant galaxy print and can be fluffed to your hearts content using a petticoat. It features dual color blocking and only two seams, one at the front and one at the back. I will add 1-2 inches to the waist measurement you give me for wiggle room (smaller than my other items if you've ordered something with a zipper before) and can make the ties longer so you can tie a bow upon request. The base skirt will be finished with a black bias trim and other options for customizing your skirt can be chosen at checkout. The skirt is approximately 23-25 inches long from the waist. Larger sizes may shorten the skirt, so please message me ahead of time if you would like me to add fabric and keep the length at 23-25 inches long.
  • Traditional Hem - $10: Instead of a bias trim, the edges are rolled, ironed and sewn down with a traditional hem. It gives the bottom of the skirt less structure than the bias trim which keeps the edges flared out, so it's best worn with a fluffy, long petticoat. For this particular design, unless you hate the black trim, I recommend not getting the traditional hem since the dual colors will make the thread very obvious.
  • Lining - $15: With a petticoat, the skit is perfect on its own and, in my opinion, does not need lining. If you plan on wearing the skirt without a petticoat, I recommend the added security and structure that lining can provide since the fabric is on the thinner side. It would be standard black dress lining that would be the same circle skirt shape and about five inches shorter than the edge of the cotton portion and will have serged edges.
Want a similar skirt in a different fabric? Message me for details  ^_^
Since all skirts come are sealed, they will all require a waist measurement at checkout. Please send me your actual waist measurement; I will be adding 1-2 inches for all skirts with a zipper for wiggle room, so there's no need for you to add extra inches yourself.

Unless you get them from the Ready to Ship section, Darling Army designs are handmade, 100% made to order. Please check the banner at the top of the website for current construction times as I'm a new mom and am adjusting to working while being a full-time mama. You can expect construction times to range from 2-8 weeks. Please be patient and remember that I am just one person making everything out of a room in my house.


Unlike kimono dresses, pinafores, and wrap dresses, skirts can be ordered at any time and do not require an order acceptance date. This also goes for printed items, capelets, accessories, and items in the Ready to Ship section of the store. If you're interested in ordering a kimono dress, pinafore, or wrap dress, please refer to the How to Order page to learn about order acceptance dates.

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