Hogwarts Houses Hooded Capelets (CHOOSE YOUR OWN)

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Modeled by @emebryce
Photos by @jrulison
This listing is for a cosplay hooded capelet. The whole garment is one piece and can be worn for cosplay, everyday fashion, and for play time. The entire capelet is lined in your choice of red, blue, green, or yellow; the outside of all of the capelets uses black fabric. The seams are secured with a serged 4-thread safety stitch as well as an extra external stitch to keep it sleek and flat. The bow at the front will match the color lining you choose and the hood will be slightly pointed.
LION- For the brave and loyal. Choose between red and burgundy (send preference in message. If none is chosen, you will recieve a color at random)
SNAKE-For the cunning. Deep emerald fabric.
RAVEN- For the clever thinkers. Dark royal blue fabric.
BADGER- For the hard working. Yellow fabric.
One size fits most! Worried about the fit? Feel free to send me your neck measurement and I'll add a couple inches for comfort.

Unless you get them from the Ready to Ship section, Darling Army designs are handmade, 100% made to order. Please check the banner at the top of the website for current construction times as I'm a new mom and am adjusting to working while being a full-time mama. You can expect construction times to range from 2-8 weeks. Please be patient and remember that I am just one person making everything out of a room in my house.


Unlike kimono dresses, pinafores, and wrap dresses, capelets can be ordered at any time and do not require an order acceptance date. This also goes for printed items, skirts, accessories, and items in the Ready to Ship section of the store. If you're interested in ordering a kimono dress, pinafore, or wrap dress, please refer to the How to Order page to learn about order acceptance dates.


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