How to Order

General - Pinafores, Wrap Dresses, and Kimono Dresses

Hello! So you go to, fall in love with a design, try to add an item to your cart, and...there's no cart button! You're only allowed to add the outfit to your wishlist. Why is that?

Here's what went wrong. Because everything is made to order by one person (me!), I only accept 20 orders at a time for larger items. Larger items include kimono dresses, wrap dresses, and pinafores. For these items, you must wait for an order acceptance date. An order acceptance date is a preappointed day that I take a select number of orders. I typically announce the next order date 5-7 days prior and will notify everyone via the email newsletter, the Darling Army Facebook page, and the Darling Army Instagram feed. I also try to send out a reminder the day before I take orders via Facebook and the email system. I'll also be making an effort to post the upcoming acceptance dates on the store's Blog, so you can always check there to see if I have a new date planed yet.

The process itself is hectic, but simple. On the date and time of an acceptance day, I will update the store so that previously unavailable items have an Add to Cart button. While I'm "open" for orders, you'll be able to add everything to your cart. From there, you just check out like a normal online store. When I've hit my capacity, I'll update the store and the Add to Cart buttons will disappear from wrap dresses, pinafores, and kimono dresses.

Orders tend to fill up in 5-10 minutes (sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter) once my store is open. This means the store is only opened for a couple minutes once or twice a month. You have to be quick to order, so make sure you're ready as soon as I open. This includes having your measurements ready if the item requires them for checkout.

Why are some items available and others are not?

Smaller items like skirts, capelets, and accessories don't take as much time to make and are usually available at any time. While I still need to wait on supplies for them, I can usually finish them in between larger kimono dress orders. They give me a good break in between large projects.

Items in the Printed section can be ordered at any time but typically take 3-4 weeks (sometimes up to six) before I can ship them out to you. If you need something shipped right away, take a look at the Ready to Ship section; some printed designs are in stock and waiting to be shipped out!

Larger items like kimono dresses, wrap dresses, and pinafores take quite a bit longer to construct, so they can only be purchased when I'm taking orders.

If you missed an order date and desperately need a kimono dress, the Japan Shop section of the store can be accessed at any time. This is the only place you can order a kimono dress at any time since it helps me keep track of my very limited stock of Japanese fabrics.

How does the site work?

Just like a normal online store. When the listing you want is open, you simply add it to your cart and checkout; to combine multiple orders for shipping, add all items to your cart before checking out. 

I accept all major credit cards and Paypal; you can pay with any currency and it will automatically be sent to me in USD.

How do I find out when you are accepting orders?

I will announce new acceptance dates through the store's email list (you can sign up at the bottom of the store), the Darling Army Facebookthe Darling Army Instagram, and the store's Blog. If no date has been announced, I have not picked one out yet. Please don't message me asking about when I'll be taking orders again, you'll get the same answer ("I don't know") and take away from time that could be spent actually making the outfits.

Please note that all times are relative to my timezone. I live in California. If you need to find out the time difference, please use an online calculator for the exact date since my state does participate in Daylight Savings Time.

What if I want a custom commission?

If you are interested in a custom character commission, you will be subject to the same waiting times as everyone else. Your commission will have to be purchased as one of the 20 orders that I accept, no exceptions. 

For a custom commission, you'll need to send me a message with all of your commission request information as outlined in the Commission Info section of the store. After I've approved your commission, I will make you a custom listing in the Commission section of the store. It will not have an Add to Cart button until I am accepting 20 orders. At that point it will be switched to available like all of the other products. If you do not purchase the commission quickly enough to be the first 20, your listing will lose it's cart button again. You'll have to wait until the next time I'm accepting to orders. 

For the above reason, it's very important to contact me with custom commission requests early so you can have a listing set up ahead of time. This is especially important now that I have a baby and can't get on the computer to check messages every day.


  • Have a page with the item(s) you want open five minutes before I open. Start refreshing as it gets close to the opening time. Computers and phones can be a couple minutes off, so better safe than sorry.
  • Do not wait for the Facebook post that I am open. Most feeds don't show all of my posts unless you have them set to do so
  • If you are ordering an accessory, petticoat, skirt, or capelet with your order, add them to your cart ahead of time
  • Have your measurements already copied so you can paste them quickly if you'reordering a kimono dress, skirt, or a pinafore that ties in the back
  • Consider also doing the above if you are checking out with a credit card
  • Be at a desktop computer. You can certainly order with the mobile site, but you won't be as quick as those who are trying to order on a desktop.

Please read all store Policies and FAQs before messaging me about information pertaining to design/sizing questions and order-acceptance dates. If no date has been mentioned on Facebook or the Newsletter, I don't know when the next date will be yet.