READY TO SHIP Lecherous Monk Cosplay Kimono Dress

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Modeled by Leeana
Photograph by @Shutterfoo and @KCStudio68
This kimono dress is a three part outfit that can be worn together or separately. The short jacket is a traditional kimono style that wraps to close and is shaped by pleats and folds. It has long kimono sleeves that have been trimmed with the same black lace that trims the bottom of the jacket. The double skirts are lined with bias and have an elastic waist.  The black tie at the waist can be folded and tucked like a traditional obi or can be wrapped to the front and tied in the front as a bow.

The ready to ship design I have available is ideal for those with waist measurements of 24-29 inches. This was a sample used for a photoshoot, so it's been discounted $15

This design is already to made and ready to ship. I cannot make any changes or alterations to it. If you want a custom size or a similar design, please see the Kimono Dress section of the store

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