Reinforced Obi Belt - Customized Colors

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All kimono dresses come with a standard tie that can tied at the back or folded and tucked like a traditional obi. This listing is for a supplemental belt that is designed to give you the look of a traditional obi without the extra work. The body is reinforced and is wrapped and tightened with the smaller ties. The belts are taller and sturdier than the original ties in order to better mimic a more traditional kimono or yukata shape. These belts cannot have symbols on them like the original waist ties because of the smaller ties that have to wrap on top of the body. The reinforced obi belt does not slim your waist as much as the original tie, but it will stay in place easier than the original tie if your inexperienced with starching and ironing. If you still want the design of an original waist tie but the sturdiness of the reinforced obi belt, consider layering the tie on top of the belt.
Customize your colors! Just leave me which color you would want the reinforced body and what color you would want the smaller ties in the measurements section at checkout. If you are buying this to match a kimono dress, please let me know which design so I can pair the correct shades (since I have multiples shades of green and blue).
For this design I'll need your waist measurement as well as your rib cage measurement. Please leave them along with your color choices in the measurements box during checkout. I cannot start on your order until I have these, so please make sure to include them.

Unless you get them from the Ready to Ship section, Darling Army designs are handmade, 100% made to order. Please check the banner at the top of the website for current construction times as I'm a new mom and am adjusting to working while being a full-time mama. You can expect construction times to range from 2-8 weeks. Please be patient and remember that I am just one person making everything out of a room in my house.



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